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Non Woven and Woven Geotextile 200

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02 May 2023
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Specification of Non Woven and Woven Geotextile 200

Non - Woven Geotextile


Non Woven Geotextile Is A Type That Is Not Woven , Shaped Like A Carpet Fabric .

Generally Made ​​From Basic Ingredients Polyesther Polymer ( Pet ) Or Polypropylene ( Pp ) .


Non - Woven Geotextile Functions

1 . Separator / Separator

As Separator Or Separator , Non Woven Geotextile Is Used To Prevent Mixing Of The Layers Of Material With Other Material .

Examples Of The Use Of Geotextile As A Separator Is On Road Construction Projects On The Basis Of Soft Ground ( Eg Muddy ) . In This Project , Geotextile Prevent Mud Rising To The Pavement System , So There Is No Pumping Effect That Will Easily Damage The Pavement . Besides The Existence Of Geotextile Also Facilitate The Process Of Compaction Of Pavement Systems .

2 . Stabilization / Stabilizer

Geotextile Function Is Often Referred To As Reinforcement / Reinforcement . For Example Used On Projects Embankment , Slope Reinforcement Etc. . This Function Is Still Being Debated Among Geotechnical Engineer , For Geotextile Membrane Effect Work Using Methods That Rely On Tensile Strength ( Tensile Strength ) So That The Possibility Of A Local Decrease In Deposits , Is Significant, As The Lack Of Material Stiffness . Moreover, A Simple Elastic Properties Of Geotextile Especially If Exposed To Water ( Hydrolysis Reaction ) Makes It Vulnerable As Slope Reinforcement Material .

3 . Filter / Filters

As A Filter , Geotextile Non Woven Serves To Prevent The Transport Of Soil Particles In The Water Flow . Due To The Nature Of Non Woven Geotextile Are Permeable ( Impermeable To Water ) , The Water Can Pass Through But The Soil Particles Suspended Geotextile . Applications As A Filter Typically Used On Projects Subdrain ( Underground Drainage ) .






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